Sunday Night Sign Off

We did it! We have finally reached the end of our journey through this week. Many of us will begin another work week tomorrow, but there is one of us who will not: Andy Rooney. Yes, tonight marks the old curmudgeon's final appearance on 60 Minutes. Are you looking forward to a world without Rooney or will you miss his hangdog face and endless worries? What will we do without him to tell us what to be mad about? Who will fill the void? As you move forward into a post-Rooney world, may you find more peace than he ever has and may the sound of his breath calm you as you prepare for whatever Monday brings.

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barelylethal: shitass

I'm an idiot, guys. I shaved my legs, THEN used an exfoliating loofah thingie, and now my legs are red and itchy and kindof burning.

I have a huge conference tomorrow for which I must wear a suit, and my suit is a skirt!

Oh no!!!!