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Sunday Night Open Thread: And Now, Miss Josephine Potter

OMG, it's like Katie Holmes had ESPN! I'm going to go take the coldest shower in the universe now.


Oh, and you guys should all know that I outsourced my work today. Her name is Mothballs and she is a BAMF. Have a good Sunday evening!

[via Buzzfeed]

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So, I have two interviews this week. One's for a job in China, and the other's for a job in Florida. So, the question to you guys, if you had the choice, which one would you choose and why? Keep in mind both interviews are for the same position (which is AP teacher). Help?

Also, how do you know when you're in love with someone? It's been so long since I've felt it that I really don't know if I'm in love with this person or if it's just a heart murmur.