It's the middle of August, which is scary and weird because where has the year gone, but also nice because it means that corn is not popping while on the stalk due to the extreme heat.

Today, we talked about the snowball that is Michele Bachmann, and the chance in hell she has of winning the Presidency. We talked about why we're not going to church, and how to achieve our dreams through the magic of low expectations. And, of course, sluts.


For now, sit back and relax and listen to this track by Pandatone and Julianna Barwick (if you like the sound of standing outside of churches while a choir practices, you'd probably really like Julianna Barwick. She's been my favorite thing to listen to this summer). Hang out here. Talk amongst yourselves. Keep it light, and be cool.

As always, thank you for spending the day with me, and I'll see you next week.