Sunday Night Bowl-A-Rama

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This weekend, we learned that athletes don't necessarily make the best role models, that older actresses face some tough fashion choices, and that ducks really like riding in trucks. And tonight, it's Super Bowl time.

Yes, tonight, apparently, is a night for Bowls. So whether you're watching the Super Bowl or the Puppy Bowl, you can talk about it here, along with anything else that may be on your mind this Sunday evening. As always, let's keep it light, people. For those of you watching the Super Bowl tonight, have fun. And for the rest of us, here's a Sunday song to get things started:


Thanks for another lovely weekend, and have a nice night!

[Image via Natalie Dee]

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Ok, if anyone's still here, I need some servicey answers. I dropped my hairbrush into the toilet. Miraculously, I had just cleaned the toilet an hour earlier. How much cleaning does it need? I'm thinking a thorough rinse with very hot water and then some soap and water - but the BF seems to think it needs an exorcist. So I'm appealing to the collective wisdom of Jezebel.