Suits Sell, But Who's Buying? Not Dave Mustaine


If you were lolling around the internet during the holidays, many of you probably read Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine’s bitchy evisceration of suit-merchant Men’s Warehouse via his personal Facebook page after they screwed up a gift certificate purchase he made, putting a damper on his gift-giving spirit. The songwriter of neck-snapping ditties like “Wake Up Dead, ” “Peace Sells,” and, my personal favorite, “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” showcases his consumer advocacy letter-writing ability of demon-fisted prose like “For almost 9 days now I have been waiting for delivery of this gift certificate, and I wouldn’t say anything because it IS the holidays, but these salesmen promised that they would GUARANTEE a two-day delivery of the certificate…” The word guarantee is one Mustaine takes seriously so the lack of follow-through on this promise by Men’s Warehouse has aggrieved him so much that he implored all Megadeth fans (“Droogies”) to purchase off-the-rack, somewhat-reasonably priced men’s apparel elsewhere because Men’s Warehouse starts trouble, spreads pain, and has piss and venom in its veins. Yes, holiday bustle aside, they are liars, he says.

But is Mustaine’s Men’s Warehouse rant more metal than, say, Metallica’s James Hetfield shopping at Armani or Glenn Danzig toting a box of kitty litter? I say yes.

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