"Suddenly Red-Hot" Betty White Now Cure Of All TV's Ills

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If you're desperate to get back in America's good graces (Jay Leno) or looking to perk up your network's first original sitcom (TV Land), these days there's only one solution: Betty White.


TV Land has just ordered 10 episodes of Hot In Cleveland, which stars three sitcom pros, all of whom happen to be women over 45: Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves (from Frasier), Wendie Malick (from Just Shoot Me). The show is written by a woman, Frasier's Suzanne Martin, and executive produced by Will & Grace's Sean Hayes. The three play Los Angeles natives who unexpectedly land in Cleveland and decide to stay. White plays the cranky caretaker of the house; The Wrap reports she's not a member of the regular cast yet, but producers are trying to get her on board for more episodes.


Meanwhile, Jay Leno prefers to pretend that his planned exile from 11:35pm was all a bad dream. If he can't quite emerge from the mess unscathed, at least he can get White to drop by and use the phrase "ratty-ass barn" to distract everyone.

This is after Facebook campaign to get White to host SNL led to reports that she will probably co-host the show in a "Women Of Comedy special with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Molly Shannon. Not to mention that she starred in one of the most popular Super Bowl ads. Not bad for 88.


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Kitty Conner

I wish that it didn't feel like Betty White is such hot stuff right now BECAUSE she's not hot stuff any more.

You know? The old lady is funny, raunchy and totally unthreatening. Let's get her on the show! Everybody loves her. Nobody's thinking about getting in her pants. Everybody loves a swearing Grandma!!

I love Betty White, and I just want to see her be sucessful because she's a comedic wonder, not because it's funny to laugh at the not-sexy old lady who tells dirty jokes.