Hey ladaaays, because you've got your priorities straight, I know you've already got your Slutoween costumes on deck because Halloween is the only night of the year where it's acceptable for the ladyfolk to show some skin. But how's that body looking? Is it banging enough? Luckily Subway is here to help ensure that you don't scare the children with any fat rolls while you're roaming the streets in a sexy nurse costume.

In a new ad from the sandwich chain (h/t Ad Rants), Subway reminds women to stay thin at least through October so they can fit into their slutty Halloween costumes.


Subway is trying to make "costume season" a thing even though after you've graduated from college, Halloween should be a one night only event, people—two nights max if it falls on a weekend. They're trying to make sure that women don't devolve from their summer bodies back into their regular bodies, so remember to keep it tight and right by eating a submarine sandwich.

The ad is obviously sexist, but it's also just stupid and lazy. How easy would it have been for them to throw a man in as well? Plenty of guys wear shirtless Halloween costumes. Including a man wouldn't have been difficult and could have helped reframe the entire commercial. It would still be stupid, yes, because the notion that women need to alter their bodies for this fictional "costume season" bullshit and should do so by eating Subway sandwiches is incredibly stupid, but at least it wouldn't also be degrading to women.