Subway Flasher Messes With The Wrong Woman

Watch this woman eviscerate a man who pressed up against her on an uncrowded New York subway — with his penis exposed, apparently clad in a condom. At least he's practicing safe sex, right? Safe for work, with headphones.


Via the ladies of HollabackNYC comes this video of a righteously angry woman who refuses to be cowed by the assault. "Oh, you're getting fucking arrested. I'm not leaving your side," she says. "My plans are done for the night. I'm escorting you to the police station. Oh, yes. Oh, fucking yes."

This being 2010, there is also a host of subway passengers crowding him with cameraphones and one mumbling, "Aw, this shit is going on YouTube, yo."

Oh yes. Oh, fucking yes.

I See His Penis Out [HollabackNYC]



This is why I carry pepper spray that has red dye in it. You flash me, I'm spraying your tender skinned dick with pepper spray and kicking you while your down till the cops come. You'll be easy to spot with the 5'1 woman standing over you and your dick hanging out of your pants while covered in red dye that doesn't wash off. Try me.