Stupid Vandal Arrested For Calling Woman A 'Sult'

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Vandalism and slut-shaming aren't funny, but one stupid criminal has managed to turn them into a pretty entertaining story. It all starts (and ends) with his inability to spell.


ABC reports that a Vermont woman named Brittany Speckman recently found the word "sult" scratched onto the hood of her car. She figured that someone was trying to call her a slut (and not, say complaining about salt or sultans), and surmised that this someone was her ex-boyfriend Adam Hall, who had been bad-mouthing her. When police questioned Hall, he denied touching Speckman's car. But when they asked him to write "You are a slut" on a sheet of paper, he wrote, "You are a sult." The police charged him with unlawful mischief.

I suppose it's possible that Speckman has other enemies with poor spelling skills — no doubt Hall's defense will raise this issue at trial. If convicted, though, maybe Hall will learn that if you're going to scratch a misogynist insult into someone's personal property, it might be a good idea to figure out how to spell it first.


Man Misspells ‘Slut' In Vandalism Attacks, Gets Caught By Spelling Test [ABC]

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Sorcia MacNasty

I am hanging this story, in large print, laminated, in my college English classroom to impress upon my students the importance of solid spelling skills.