Stupak Continues To Undermine Health Care Bill, Women's Rights; Executive Order May Be Signed By Obama

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With Rep. Bart Stupak on the rampage and the passage of their major health care legislation at stake, Democrats are now considering having President Obama sign an executive order effectively banning any taxpayer money from paying for abortions.


The move is being discussed in order to placate anti-choice Democrats who claim that they will not vote for the bill unless they can be certain that the proposed health care plan, a plan, you know, designed to help Americans receive access to proper medical treatment and all, will not help women pay for a legal medical procedure.

The issuance of the executive order won't really change anything as much as serve as a reminder that the current laws in place already restrict the usage of federal funds to pay for abortions except in the case of rape or incest, and according to the New York Times, Democrats feel that the order "would not mollify Mr. Stupak but could win the support of others still undecided because of their views on abortion."

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So what happens for women who must have abortions for medical reasons? Where is the line in the sand drawn?

Surely, Stupak must be aware that being pregnant can sometimes kill you. Surely, this bill cannot condemn a woman to carry a dead fetus to term, or to risk their lives for a whole host of other medical problems that can lead to the death of the mother.

Or are you expected to pay out of pocket to find a physician in an emergency situation who'll step in to prevent you from dying?

Why are people who know nothing about medicine, health, or biology allowed to write bills that affect everyone's treatment?

The problem is not with socialized or government provided medicine. The problem is politicians who think they should be allowed to dictate the terms of medical treatment. Yes, socialized medicine comes with long waits in the ER, long waits for elective surgeries, and less-frills accommodations in hospitals; that's expected. What's its not supposed to come with is moralistic bureacrats who make decisions with their campain contributers first in mind.

Also, this is not socialized medicine. This is a bill to extend medicare to 15 million more people. It's not government run health care. It's like saying - well, we have 15 million more people who qualify for insurance in our profit based system. This is nothing like what we have in Canada, or what they offer in Europe or Australia.