Stuntwoman Dies On the Set Of Deadpool 2

20th Century Fox / Image via Getty
20th Century Fox / Image via Getty

A female stunt driver was killed on a motorcycle on the set of Deadpool 2 today in Vancouver. The woman, who was reportedly an “experienced road race racer” but was doing her first film as a stunt performer, was not wearing a helmet during the stunt, according to Deadline.


The incident marks the second time a stunt person has died on set in the several months. Last month stuntman John Bernecker died on the set of the Walking Dead, which was widely reported as being the first stunt-related death in 17 years. The same month a jury also awarded $11.2 million to the family of Sarah Jones, a camera assistant who died in a train crash while working on the movie Midnight Rider in 2014.

Even though the stuntwoman on Deadpool 2 rehearsed the stunt many times, all weekend crew members are quoted by Deadline as feeling overworked due to 16-hour days on set. The victim has still not been identified.

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Curious Squid

Not to do with driving stunts specifically, but I remember reading this Guardian piece on women stunt performers, and how it mentions that a risk specifically to women is that they often aren’t able to wear as much protective gear as men because women’s costumes in action movies tend to be quite more scanty and form-fitting than men’s.