Study Finds Less Curvy Career Women • Cosmetics Industry Faces Reform

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• An increase in testosterone has been blamed for the decline of the hourglass figure among working women. • New study finds that playing Tetris may help ease post-traumatic stress. •


• A Dalmatian named Button gave birth to a litter of 18 puppies, which puts her total number of offspring in the thirties. • And yet another study shows that virginity pledges don't really work. Someone better tell Jordan Sparks. • A mother used lifeguard training to save herself and her two young daughters after their family car slid off the road into a freezing pond. • Male cyclists, triathletes, and skiiers may be at greater risk for developing eating disorders. • Older women who are more physically fit are less likely to have decreased cognitive function as they age, study says. • Just what we need: a new injectable treatment named Reloxin claims to be better than Botox. • A Nebraskan woman faked labor pains when she was caught shoplifting. After arriving at the hospital, police were informed that the woman was not even pregnant. • A cat wandered onto the set of a live weather forecast in Germany. The meteorologist scooped up the cat and let it help point helpfully toward the weather map. • Twitter uses raise $12,000 to help an abused woman leave her husband. • Washington Attorney General Rob will ask lawmakers to raise the sentencing for domestic violence felonies. • New research finds that black women face greater challenges when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. • A study has found that men who do not find curvy woman more attractive than athletic women are more likely to father children with autism. • Something else to be paranoid about: the germs that live on doctor's scrubs and lab coats could kill you. • The cosmetics industry is facing serious reform, as the Obama administration looks to change the current standards of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) •


Final: God Fearing Robot

18 puppies huh? That sounds like enough for a pair of trench coats and a pencil skirt once their spots come in.