Study: Chocolate Might Be as Good for the Brain as Exercise

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Overpriced Lululemon pants to the left, to the left: chocolate might be as good for your brain (but not necessarily your booty) as exercise is, says science.


"Might be," because you'd essentially have to eat a shit ton of it in order to reap the benefits from the flavanols, those awesome little chemicals that are naturally occurring in cocoa beans and are purported to give a boost to the ol' noggin. Which, if you're near your period, which I kind of am (TMI? oh well, Internet), consuming a shit ton of just about anything chocolaty/potato chip-y/burger-y, isn't really a problem. But we're talking 44 pounds of that good-good a day, according to Oxford University Press. That's a lot of Rolos and peanut M&Ms (my preferred weapons of choice).

Either way, count this in as one of those debates as to whether chocolate is a food that's not so bad to enjoy in moderation from to time, or whether you could (or not) enjoy it more frequently, if scientists can ever get to a point where they agree on it.

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New Mental Health Plan:

-go on daily hikes

-eat chocolate afterwards