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Much to the delight of tiny humans (and everyone else), star of Jurassic World and Hollywood Mensch Chris Pratt recently deployed his raptor-training skills at a children’s hospital.

Embodying his role as Jurassic World’s dino-aficionado Owen Grady, Pratt restaged a much-memed shot of “raptor whispering” with the help of a few wee hospital patients (Update: A representative from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has reached out to confirm that theirs was the lucky hospital to host the above adorable raptor training session.)


Pratt has already made something of a practice out of visiting his young and hospital-bound fans. Last March, he and Captain America star Chris Evans settled a Super Bowl bet by visiting both Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven in Boston. Pratt also payed a visit to Dylan Prunty at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles last August so that the two could swap lines from The Lego Movie. Documentation of that cuteness is provided below. You’re welcome.

Hollywood’s Cuddliest: right here, folks.

Image via Imgur. Video Clip via YouTube.

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