Students Believe Avoiding Assault Is Their "Personal Responsibility"

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A sexual assault and another attempted one near the University of Minnesota campus have officials increasing security — but some female students say it's their responsibility to avoid getting raped.

In the Fox News video below, young women offer the following tips for avoiding rape: mix your own drinks, "choose your friends wisely," watch how much you drink, be more careful if you're with people you don't know very well, go home with the same person you went out with, and "avoid the fraternity scene entirely."


Some of this is reasonable advice, but the sheer variety of the tips the women give illustrates one of the major problems with holding women responsible for avoiding rape. This approach requires women to modify and limit their behavior in all sorts of complicated and sometimes contradictory ways, and even if a woman manages to play by all the "rules," she could still be sexually assaulted. Rather than giving women a whole bunch of advice about where not to go and who not to hang out with and what not to wear and how not to be, let's all live by this one very simple rape prevention tip: don't rape.

College Students On Edge After Rash Of Sexual Assaults [Fox News]

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Ok, I get that rape is never the victims fault. I'm on board with that 100%. I also wish that we lived in a rape-free world where women were allowed to go about their business without feeling threatened.

But we as women have to be aware that this is not a rape-free/assault-free world. We have to look out for one another and ourselves.

A fair amount of women will be safer by following a few precautions, such as: not leaving drinks unattended, not getting completely hammered unless your at home or with people you trust and so on. This is not bad advice.

More times than I care to remember, I've seen women stumbling home drunk alone at night. I've offered rides or taxis or phone calls for these women because they're obviously in a vulnerable state and, once again, there are a lot of violent pervs in this world that would love to take advantage.

Please don't hate on me Jezzies!