Student Files Federal Sexual Assault Complaint Against Brown Univ.

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At the end of last week, Brown University student Lena Sclove filed a federal complaint against her college for allegedly mishandling her sexual assault case. Sclove says Brown did not expel her rapist even after they found him in violation of rules against "non-consensual physical contact of a sexual nature."

Sclove told The Daily Beast that she filed the complaint "in order to secure justice and hopefully to prevent another person from going through what I did." A Brown spokeswoman said that they had not been told about the complaint but were working on "several important new initiatives" with more "forthcoming."


In an email sent in early May, President Christina Paxson said the school was spending the summer consulting with various individuals about potential changes to their policy. In the fall, the Brown University Task Force on Sexual Assault will be launched and they'll submit their recommended changes by December. The University also says they're currently looking to hire a full-time Title IX coordinator to replace the several part-time staffers they have filling that role.

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I still don't understand why colleges and universities seem to have their own criminal justice systems that seems to supersede the law.