21-year-old Kelsey Annese and 24-year-old Matthew Hutchinson, two students who had been attending the State University of New York-College at Geneseo, were murdered by a former student who had previously dated Annese. Police say the two were stabbed by 24-year-old Colin Kingston, an alum of SUNY.

According to CBC, police arrived at the home of Annese and found the three of them dead. Kingston was believed to have stabbed Annese and Hutchinson to death with a large knife before killing himself with the same weapon. Annese and Kingston had recently broken up after a three-year relationship.

Authorities showed up at the scene after Kingston’s father called 911. He received a phone call from his son who told him he had harmed Annese before hanging up the phone and killing himself. Police said that Kingston had admitted to having suicidal thoughts after the breakup.

The victims may have been asleep at the time of the attack, which took place in Annese’s bedroom. CNY Central reports there were four other people at the residence at the time of the murder, but did not hear anything. Annese, a captain of the school’s women’s basketball team, and Hutchinson, a hockey player originally from Vancouver, were both in their senior years at SUNY. Hutchinson was also a volunteer firefighter.

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Image via SUNY Geneseo.