Strippers: Just Like You, Minus Paying for Stuff

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If you've wondered where strippers go once they're off the clock, Blackbook finds out. (Spoiler alert: all the same tacky, boring places you go. The difference is that they almost always get comped.) [BlackBook]

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Ugh, when I was stripping the only places I could drag my aching legs out of bed to go to I was the experimental noise venue I volunteered at (convenient as I lived in a back room there!), Trader Joes, and CVS to buy more tropical body spray.

The LAST thing I wanted to do on my nights off was more fucking dancing! The other girls I worked with were the same. If we weren't getting paid, there would be no uncomfortable shoe/clothes wearing.

Needless to say, I was never comped at Traders. Bummer.