Strictly Orthodox Rabbis Start Modesty Hotline Because Whores

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If you are a strictly Orthodox Jewish person living in London and you see another person (presumably strictly Orthodox themselves) in clothes that you find less than modest, good news — there's a number you can call to confidentially report your problem.

Yiddish and English notices have been posted in synagogues across the English capital advertising the service of the new Va’ad L’Toihar Hamachneh, Committee for the Purity of the Camp. People are encouraged to call a provided phone number and report "suspicious" people who have "breached the walls" of modesty and holiness.

The committee, created due to "popular demand," will then "follow up and will investigate and do its best to solve the problem, according to guidance of the rabbis," remarks a spokesman for the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. They will not, however, be doing modesty patrols, as some strictly Orthodox Jewish groups began doing in Israel. How progressive of them.


From the sound of it, the actions and restrictions of the committee will be contained strictly to the Orthodox Jewish community and will not extend to those who are not included.

Modesty hotline launched by London rabbis [The Jewish Chronicle]

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And this is why the ultra-orthodox make me ashamed of my people. They think they're the guardians of a sacred tradition, when they're just misogynistic, xenophobic assholes. They are a fucking embarrassment.