There’s a riot down in Texas and it’s not about women’s health or racist ranchers; kids are trashing their school to free themselves from oppressive dress codes!

See, life can still surprise us.

Like the non-pants debate of Evanston, Illinois where girls are being penalized for wearing leggings — because how will their male classmates control themselves? — students at Texas' Duncanville High aren’t into their school’s strict dress code either. In fact, according to Time, over 160 students were suspended just last week for not following the clothing rules.

The kids who were sent home were told they could not stay in class for a range of violations: not wearing belts, forgetting their name tags, wearing the wrong colored shirt or having stubble on their faces. One student was even told that an official school spirit shirt was out of dress code because it didn’t have a collar.

But shit got real when the kids kicked off an impromptu protest, flipping over trash cans, fighting and running down the halls like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club, yelling “fuck dress code.” Police were called in to calm the teen mafia but the students were far from finished.


The day after trying the Puffy approach for change, the students enacted a Martin Luther King Jr. style sit-in and someone began a petition to push back against the dress code.

The Duncanville Dress Code Riots, as they will now be known, follow the Evanston Middle School Leggings Truthers and point to the ridiculousness of all of these rules. If educators are spending so much time worrying about collars and spandex, who’s teaching the class?