The full trailer for the second season of Stranger Things is out and whuddya know! The whole gang is back! Except for Barb. Who is dead.

But we grieve not because from the looks of it, they’ve traded her for an all new child redhead, fresher, spunkier, and ready for hijinks that involve Winona Ryder still screaming about her son, Paul Reiser as a scientist who—at the very least—is evil adjacent, and a spider monster that’s taking over the town of Hawkins. The trailer also gives us another glimpse of newcomer Sean Astin—his casting a cute homage to Goonies, a film to which Stranger Things owes so much.


The new season will be released October 27 on Netflix and I’m so excited that I just got a nose bleed out of sympathy for Eleven. Just kidding. It’s because the air in my apartment is too dry and I haven’t set up my humidifier yet. Also, cocaine.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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