Stranger Things Kid Claims Winona Made Those Faces Because She 'Couldn't Hear'

Image via screengrab.

Understandably tense actress and icon Winona Ryder gave the internet a minor sprain last night after making a series of wacky faces during David Harbour’s acceptance speech. While the rest of her Stranger Things costars expressed excitement over their SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Winona’s face expressed everything—every possible human emotion—in mere seconds.

We’ve all seen the GIFs by now, but thanks to TMZ’s reliable presence in every major airport in America, we finally know why she was reacting so dramatically to begin with: because she couldn’t hear anything.


Gaten Matarazzo, one of the many child actors in the hit Netflix series whose comfort with being approached by TMZ’s rabid reporters makes me fear for their future, said, “I think it’s just because she couldn’t hear what David was saying.” He then reveals that he thought Ryder’s faces were “awesome.”

But while that explanation satisfies me (I honestly don’t care one way or another, and think I would have acted similarly if surrounded by the cast of Stranger Things), it wasn’t enough for TMZ, who wrote:

Back to the issue ... how could Winona not have heard what Harbour was saying?

Typical TMZ. Always wanting to get back to the issues.

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