Stores Suspend Angora Fur Sourcing Amid Reports of Rabbit Abuse

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Just in time for the holidays, some British clothing stores are pulling angora products from the shelves amid claims that millions of rabbits are being mistreated in China because it's not enough for humans to demonstrate their superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom by shaving them naked and using their fur to line our slippers — we must also make their fuzzy little lives as miserable as possible.


Several major retailers on London's High Street have already suspended sourcing angora fur from China, according to the Telegraph. The sourcing controversy comes amid claims from animal rights groups that Chinese suppliers are mistreating millions of rabbits by harvesting the fur of creatures that have been tethered to a board and have been heard to yelp in pain.

So far, brands such as H&M, Boden, Primark, Calvin Klein, Whistles, and Next have tried to get out ahead of the public relations awfulness by suspending their sourcing of angora (a PETA YouTube video documenting rabbit abuse did most of the convincing).


For less upsetting YouTube knowledge, enjoy this brief history of angora fur in fashion, narrated by a guy who probably also narrates surf documentaries.

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raisedbycats, IRL crybaby

NEVER BUY AN ANIMAL PRODUCT FROM CHINA. I ordered some boots that I thought were faux fur on clearance so I couldn't return them...when they arrived it was real fur. From China. I was horrified and still feel a little guilty when I wear them, even out of necessity. I'm not implying that Chinese people are animal haters, it's just the nature of industry to not think of these animals as living things or more than a means to an end. And honestly, unless you live in a really cold climate, you don't need animal products to keep you warm. I'm talking Arctic circle here too, I have an actual faux fur coat that stands up just fine to Finland in January. But yeah. If you must have angora or cashmere or whatever, learn how to knit and get the yarn from a humane source. Otherwise, fake it.