Stop What You're Doing and Watch Jean Grae's Sitcom

Here it is, folks! The first episode of Life with Jeannie, the new web sitcom by MC/Jezebel crush Jean Grae. Premiering on Christmas day, Life with Jeannie has all of the holiday cheer and hijinks a girl could ask for.


What kind of hijinks, you ask? Well, here's a hijinks checklist: Does Jean try to get out of an awkward situation by lying and saying she has a collicky baby (named Baby Jesus) at home? Check. Does Jean get drunk by herself and heckle A Charlie Brown Christmas? Check! Does witty friend banter lead to a debate on Kwanzaa ? Cheeeeeeeck — and Happy Kwanzaa, btw.

Life with Jeannie is funny and heartwarming and everything good. Watch and enjoy!

(You can see all parts of the first episode here.)


For a brief second I read that as "Watch Jean Grey's Sitcom" and I couldn't understand what Phoenix would do a video sitcom about. "Reasons why I married Scott Summers even though he is a giant wet blanket", "Reasons why banging Wolverine is NOT cheating", "10 Reasons why Emma Frost is a bitch", "Look, that whole Dark Phoenix thing was just a phase, I'm sorry I blew all your shit up"...