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Stop Liking Celebrity Instagram Photos

Instagram is mostly for telling your friends how attractive they are and ruining your neck at a young age. It is also for looking at celebrity stuff when you’re bored. Personally, I tend to follow a celebrity when I wonder what the kitchen in her mansion looks like and if that is how I would want my kitchen to look if money were no object. But really, you can follow any celebrity you want for any reason you want. The only rule is that you shouldn’t like their photos.


When I am in a waiting room or on an airplane, I will maybe look at People magazine; what I won’t do is lean into the People magazine and say “that’s great” to the picture of Hailey Baldwin consoling her husband while he weeps. Celebrity Instagram is basically the same thing as looking at a magazine.

Also, take a look at your own Instagram photos. Has Hailey Baldwin liked anything you’ve posted recently? The question is rhetorical but I bet I can guess the answer.


And while it’s unlikely, you may one day meet a celebrity as a peer and then they will have all of these likes from you from when you were just a “fan” and before you were equals. Do you really want that?

Senior editor, Jezebel

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