Stop Letting This Cretin Speak to Gayle King

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Screenshot: CBS This Morning

The second part of Miya Ponsetto’s interview with Gayle King aired on Monday and it is an atrocious example of why some people should never be allowed to sit in front of a camera and speak into a microphone. Ponsetto, who falsely accused and tackled a teenager because she believed he stole her phone inexplicably agreed to go on CBS This Morning and talk about the incident prior to her arrest. The first portion of the interview, which aired on Friday, showed Ponsetto as an unapologetic disrespectful troll in a “daddy” cap, and Monday revealed more of the same.


Ponsetto and her dirty cap continued to seem agitated by King’s questions, and the 22-year-old made odd claims that seemed disjointed from reality—chief among them was that in her heart she is just as much a kid as the teenager she assaulted. “He’s 14, that’s what they’re claiming,” Ponsetto says at one point, as if the teen’s age was an elaborate hoax.

She also continued to state her ethnicity as a defense for her actions. “I’m Puerto Rican, I’m like a woman of color,” she said and later followed up with “I’m Italian, Greek, and Puerto Rican.” When King pressed her as to why she kept mentioning her background and whether she was implying people of color cannot be racist, Ponsetto repeated that her accusation of the team was not racially motivated because, in case we missed it the first time, she is a woman of color. King, who appeared to be at the end of her rope, calmly stated that she disagreed.

But Ponsetto, who says she was traumatized by the incident, wasn’t pleased with King’s interview style when she repeated a question and said she would not answer the same question twice, claiming she wanted a “real” interview with “real questions” and “real forgiveness.” “Let 2021 be the moment of healing,” Ponsetto said, a line I almost missed because it was hard to hear her over my own screams of disappointment that another Puerto Rican had failed the larger Puerto Rican community and made the rest of us look like clueless racist assholes.

Ponsetto is still suspicious that 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. stole her phone even though the phone was found in an Uber, according to the New York Post. Over the weekend, a video of Ponsetto being arrested in October of last year shows Ponsetto spewing the same I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare rhetoric that she used in her interview with King. In the video, Ponsetto’s mother is seen screaming at officers that her daughter, who was being arrested for a DUI, hadn’t done anything wrong.

Miya Ponsetto is now back in L.A. after a quick trip to New York, where she was charged with attempted robbery and assault. She continues to sport her dirty cap and crop top which will probably now be a historical symbol of the plight of racist Italian-Greek-Puerto Rican hybrid peoples everywhere.



From the bad action, to the trolling, to the vague conspiratorial accusations, to the call for forgivness in 2021, this woman is literal a one woman metaphor for the GOP’s response to last week.