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Stop Everything. Cara Delevingne Got a Bunny Named 'Cecil'

Illustration for article titled Stop Everything. Cara Delevingne Got a Bunny Named Cecil

As part of our quest to bring you the latest in celebrity squee related news, it is our distinct pleasure to inform you that model Cara Delevingne now has a bunny named Cecil. You are so very welcome, everyone.


Delevingne not only shared a picture of Cecil on her Instagram on Wednesday, she also created a special Instagram page just for the bunny. He already has almost 30,000 followers. (WUT.) And you guys said my idea for an all-rabbit "BunnyGram" social media platform would never take off! Damn you and the people at my bank who refused to give me a loan for this!

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Mark Shrayber

I mean that bunny is cute and all, but she's no Ms. Cleo. Ms. Cleo lounges. She's also on a strict diet of all the cords in this photo.