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Stick A Fork In It

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I'm Audi 5k. Hortense will be here in the AM; I'll see you Monday!


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A couple of things that I want to share.

1) I lost my brand new $89 metrocard while shopping for a less expensive dress to replace the pricey one I bought last week for a wedding. The irony is not lost on me.

2) I was looking at a friend of a friend's wedding registry today. This person registered for over 150 pots/pans/caserole dishes/etc. 150. According to the friend I was looking with they're not even kitchen people. Also about 75% of the items on their registries were over $200. Who does that?!

3) Even without 150 pots and pans, I cooked a delicious dinner tonight and I shall share the recipe* in the replies.