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Stick A Fork In It

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Need advice regarding landlord/tenant dispute!

I've been living here since December, on a verbal-agreement month-to-month lease. The understanding was that either of us had to give at least 30 days notice before moving. Unfortunately, the landlady is just kind of nuts - tolerably so, until we get into any kind of argument, at which point she says just awful things to me, accusing me of trying to plot against her, saying that I'm deliberately trying to undermine her, etc. etc. Both of the roommates have witnessed this and agree that she is off her rocker. The other night, I just couldn't take it any more, and told her I was giving her 60 days notice. One of my roommates also gave her 30 days notice (she's going to Mexico for May and then we're going to find a place together in June). I asked the landlady (who lives in a trailer in the backyard) to please leave, because she kept trying to argue further with me, and I was emotionally exhausted. She left, but then returned at least 3 times - each time doing something to try to escalate or continue the confrontation (e.g. "Remember, tonight is trash night, LADIES, you need to take the cans up to the street" ). She left a note stating that my roommate would have to return the furniture in her room by the next day. My roommate left a return note pointing out that she had no right to make any changes in arrangement (they had a written agreement to a furnished room) in less than 72 hours, and threatened to file suit if she moved the furniture. I returned to my room to find a note and an email, both stating that I had 30 days to move out. She also removed a bunch of stuff from the house - tablecloth, dish bins, dish drying rack, hand towels, etc. - and told me that I had no right to let me garden veggies keep growing in the yard, and that if I did that, she wouldn't let me transplant them when I moved. I realize that a lot of this is totally petty and ridiculous, but she has a right to do/say it. But I feel like there is a pattern of harassment and intimidation, or attempts to make me feel patently uncomfortable and unwelcome in the house, and that the 30-day-notice thing is an act of retaliation. Advice? I found a place to crash for free during May, so I will be moving out, but I want to know if I have any legal recourse here, because this lady is causing me stress-related health problems, and I'm fucking sick of taking it.