Stick A Fork In It

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Another Friday, another food holiday: Today's honor goes to both frozen food and white chocolate cheesecake. Comments on topics including your favorite TV dinners/ice cream flavors/cheesecakes are encouraged in the comments. [The Nibble

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Aesop's Foibles.

Hey good morning, lay-deez!! It's like 60 degrees here in good ol' PA and all the snow's a-melting. I am at work and wish I wasn't. A client brought donuts in and I am not eating any because I'm making progress in my very own battle of the bulge. So I'm all beatific over here with the scent of deep-fried temptation hitting me all about the face and resisting with all my fearsome might. However, that frozen entree in the picture is making my mouth twitch because mashed potatoes 'n corn with gravy all on it is mighty tasty...Anyway I will now commence my saturday bitchin'.

We went to a wedding last night. I ordered a dress from Nordstrom on wednesday, a ruby-colored Nicole Miller square-neck dress, very Michelle Obama. I also ordered, weeks ago, a white silk bolero from Etsy. Worn together, the overall effect was really lovely. BUT!! Because I have my own brand of "luck", I grew a really bodacious acne cyst on my chin the other day, just in time! It's all scabby and bruised and was impossible to cover up. So I was the lady in the nice outfit carrying around an uninvited guest on my face. AND!! Some stupid drama went on last week courtesy of Mr. F's friends' fiancee, and she and two of the other girls made it their point to ignore me. Since we were all at the same table, it was super awkward and uncomfortable. These are the type of girls who make drama out of nothing and whisper and giggle like they're at a junior high lunch table. It was fucking ridiculous. So Mr. Foibles and I slipped out of there before dinner was served. I find it really ridiculous that adults would act this way. I'm twenty-seven goddamn years old, and yet I'm sitting there feeling like the odd one out, like a teenager. (The zit didn't help.)All of Mr. F's guy friends kept telling me not to worry about it and that I shouldn't let it bother me. It's such a shame, because all the dudes in this group are very sweet and funny and they're all happy for me and the Mr. But there go the bitches, ruining what should have been a good time. This is exactly why I hate girls and would always rather sit with the dudes where I can actually be myself. Ugh. People are assholes.