Stick A Fork In 2010

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Holy crap, another year is OVER. Time to reflect, say goodbye, maybe cry a little (tears of sadness or tears of joy—your choice!), plan, and look ahead to 200-eleventy. What are your hopes for the new year?


Tell us right here in our special Auld Lang Openthread. And while you type, check out this fancy vid by Boney M:

Sadly, lead singer Bobby Farrell left us on December 30 for that discotheque in the sky and won't get to celebrate 1-1-11, but he spent 61 dance-filled years on the planet and his party jams will live on forever. And nobody can ever change that!


Happy New Year, everyone!

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Jezzies, I feel like I'm ending my year right. I had a REALLY great interview yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff off J. Crew's 40% off sale and fucking finished a full, not-entirely-awful draft of my dissertation.

Anyone else celebrating the new year by staying in and doing nothing?