Stevie Nicks Is Having An Art Show For Her Vintage Selfies

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Stevie Nicks has a lot of old Polaroids of herself, so many that she will showcase some of the best images in a gallery — like a parade of vintage selfies. As with anything else Stevie Nicks-related, we are selecting our best scarves and flowing dresses in addition to practicing a chant to release unto the goddess upon entry.


According to the New York Times, the show will be held at New York’s 201 Mulberry Street and then the Morrison Hotel Gallery. All of the photos were taken between 1975 and 1987 when Stevie bought herself a camera.

“I wanted to learn how to become a photographer,” Ms. Nicks said in comments forwarded by her spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg. “And I don’t sleep at night, so I thought, who am I going to ask to stay up all night, and then do a show tomorrow? ... “I did everything,” she said. “I was the stylist, the makeup artist, the furniture mover, the lighting director — it was my joy. I was the model.”


The exhibition opens on October 10 and until then, we’ll be listening “Dreams” wistfully.

Images via Morrison Hotel Gallery.

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I was going to complain about them not being selfies...but damn if she isn't triggering the shots.