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Steve Harvey Teaches Us To Act Like A Lady, Think Like An A-Hole

Today Steve Harvey was on Good Morning America to promote his bestselling dating book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Apparently, dudes want to mark us as their territory and pay our bills.

We've never had a problem with opening the car door ourselves, having sex before the 90-day mark, or paying for our own movie tickets, especially after we offer to go dutch. Guys didn't seem to mind either, but Steve Harvey has informed us of our grave error. In the clip at left, Steve explains that if a guy really loves you, he'll show it through what he calls the three Ps: "We profess, we provide, and we protect. We will give you a title if we love you. We're gonna make you our something. That's how we mark our territory." And in return, we puke!


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Think like a man?

What can I fuck around here? Look at her. She wants to fuck me. Look at HER. She wants to fuck me. I want to fuck her. Football. Tits. My penis. Balls. Tits. What can I fuck around here?