Stern Defends Slam Of Sidibe

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See, their criticism is actually — you guessed it — concern! Howard knows obesity is unhealthy: "This girl's gonna kill herself." Also, "She's in a deep crisis; she needs help badly." Yeah, we're sure she appreciates Howard's intervention. [ONTD]

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Stern is a pig. The sadder reality is how many people listen to him be a pig daily. Radio is so gross these days. I can't even listen to 99% of morning shows because they are so misogynistic. I haven't even had my coffee yet, are you really asking people to call in with the craziest "humped and dumped" story they know??

You know where I found refuge? The rock station. They are the only DJs that discuss music, musicians and concerts — exclusively. They also have women DJs that do more than laugh at the male DJ's jokes.