Stereotypes of Men and Women Solve Stereotypical Problems Differently

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Thank goodness for gender stereotypes. Without them, what would shitty stand up comics use as premises for bits? What would evolutionary psychologists study? They'd have to go back to college and get art history degrees, and the comics would be stuck with taking shots about Nickelback, which is the new airline food of jokes. Anyway, here's another study about how ladies be like X and men be like Y and what's even up with that amirite folks?


According to researchers at the University of Arizona, which is an American college that offers people who pay them money real, honest-to-goodness diplomas (sort of like the University of Phoenix, but in person), women react to problems in their relationship by trying to get to the root of the problem, whereas men look for a "quick fix." Think the interpersonal relationship equivalent of shoving all the clothes in the hamper rather than actually hanging up clothes and putting them away, or putting carpeting down on the floors rather than bleaching the blood stains out of the wood, thus enabling a nosy detective to use infared light to detect the presence of blood years after that fateful night. From the New York Daily News,

As an example, researchers provide the typical and familiar fitting room scenario: in order to appease his partner and expedite the shopping process, the man may hastily declare that he likes the new dress.

Instead of accepting her partner’s reaction, unsatisfied with his response the woman is likely to try on more dresses, authors note.

Ladies shopping and getting pouty! Men haphazardly trying to extract themselves from situations that make them uncomfortable! Solution: communicate better. Corollary solution: don't make your significant other hang out with you when you're doing something they're going to hate/don't be an impatient dick if your significant other wants your help for, like, an hour.

This research is sure to save dozens and dozens of CBS sitcom marriages.


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Why is everyone so quick to dismiss the idea that men and women might actually have different styles of doing or thinking about things? I mean, it's not a solid rule, but my experience tells me that it's true 90% of the time. That's not being sexist. It's making an observation.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with men and women generally reacting differently to things. Whether or not the different reactions are inherent or socialized is a different story.