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[New Delhi, March 28. Image via Getty]

A model wears gold headphones as she presents a creation by Indian designer Siddartha Tytier during the final day of the Wills India Fashion Week Winter 2010 in New Delhi on March 28, 2010. AFP PHOTO/RAVEENDRAN (Photo credit should read RAVEENDRAN/AFP/Getty Images)

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I wanna know more about bald modeling. Do you think her head is actually shaved? I'm really bad at telling when someone is wearing a bald cap/wig/photoshopped to death, so I honestly can't tell. Also, if it is shaved, wouldn't this hinder her career when she goes to model for others? Obvi it would be nice if designers saw this as another challenge to dress someone without waist-length thick-ass hair (which is funny because that's not much of a challenge), but we all know the world don't work that way.