Stephenie Meyer Is Just as Tired of Twilight as Everyone Else

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Stephenie Meyer, author of the only series of books that can truly call themselves Mormon vampire erotica for teenagers, is busy being a movie producer these days, running her own production company called Fickle Fish Films and preparing for the release of Austenland (it comes out tomorrow, and you basically have to take a brief reading comp. test to purchase a ticket). Fickle Fish has just optioned two spooky ghost stories, and Meyer has been spending the vast majority of her downtime hanging out with her household of teenage sons (she has three of them, which means that almost every surface in her house is covered with a translucent patina of jizz). The one thing Meyer isn’t doing? Writing another goddamn Twilight because that shit is so. completely. over.

In a recent interview with Variety’s Dave McNary, Meyer, when asked about whether she might return to the angsty vampire saga that made her a multi-millionaire movie mogul, said that she’s very much over Twilight. I mean, c’mon, Dave — did you even read that shit? The vampires sparkle — sparkle! There’s only so much tolerance an author can have for her sparkling vampire creations:

DM: What about a return to “Twilight?”

SM: I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.

DM: Is the door completely closed on that?

SM: Not completely. What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-Earth.


This is hardly a surprising attitude for Meyer to have — she wrote four books. The story is kaput. It’s great that basically an entire generation of readers devoured them, but she isn’t responsible for enshrining New Moon’s place in the modern pantheon of American literature (even if some people seemed a little peeved that Meyer seems so dismissive of the series that earned her a massive fortune). The characters had a good run and now it’s time for Meyer to move on so she doesn’t turn into the Hugh Jackman of YA fiction, playing the same note, releasing Twilight bestiaries and sketchbooks with cross-sections of Bella’s vampire-engorged womb over the next several decades.


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It would be really nice if people could just stop being so cruel and horrid about Twilight for once. As a Twilight fan, I'm sick of having something I love and am passionate about being criticised all the time. Fair enough if you don't like a book/ movie franchise but there's really no need to make a bunch of teenage girls feel bad about themselves. I was having a really difficult time when I first became a fan of Twilight; I was 12 and anorexic. Twilight gave me a world to escape to though, where I didn't feel lonely and depressed. It gave me a reason to have hope, which is why is sickens me so much when spiteful people who haven't even read/watched is take the piss out of it.

And as for all this crap about Twilight being 'anti-feminist': Bella is a realistic teenage girl who does well at school and doesn't really care about being popular or looking perfect. That sounds reeeeeaaaally 'anti-feminist' to me. Seeing as a large part of the story consists of vampires with super-human strength and speed trying to kill her, I think it's fair enough that her boyfriend, who also has super human strength decides to stop them from murdering her. Why does she not go into battle herself with one of these super-human vampires, who would kill her in under a second? Is it because she's weak and wants to be looked after and controlled by her bf? No, it's because she's not an idiot and she doesn't want to be killed.