Stephen Colbert Will Replace Letterman as Host of The Late Show

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CBS just announced that after David Letterman retires next year, his Late Show host replacement will be none other than Stephen Colbert. This is the part where I make a joke about Colbert being cancelled that everyone's already made on Twitter.

First, a hearty congratulations are in order. Stephen Colbert is a great late night host an entertaining comedian, and from everything I've heard, a lovely human being.

According to Variety, Colbert's takeover of Letterman's desk will mark the end of Colbert's Fox News Media Celeb-inspired alterego. It's unclear if The Colbert Report will continue with a new host, or if the time slot he occupied will be filled by reruns of Tosh chortling at YouTube or another comedy talk-or-variety show. It's also unclear whether the show will shoot in New York City or head elsewhere.


News of Colbert's move will also undoubtedly will bring back to the surface discussion of the pervasive and pesky problem of a lack of diversity in late night talk show hosts. If Comedy Central replaces Colbert with a similarly formatted program, will the new kid on the block be another white guy? Or will they take a risk and let a woman or a person of color take a shot? Colbert got his big promotion because he busted his ass for years and proved he was up to the task. It would be great if more women had the chance to do the same.

In the meantime, Colbert's departure from Comedy Central and his eponymous show is bittersweet. We're gaining a non-Letterman, but losing a beloved caricature. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really going to miss that self-aggrandizing right wing asshole.

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I don't really find this bittersweet at all: I just find it bitter. The Colbert Report is a unique show that incisively skewers our media and political cultures, and late night shows are a dime a dozen and focus on cheap monologue jokes and asking celebrities questions about whatever new boring ass moving they're in.

I mean, maybe he'll figure out a way to do a fresh new spin on it, but I'm not that hopeful honestly.