Step Inside Chloe Sevigny’s Magical, Mystical Runway Show

"I wanted you to come in and be transported back to the way you felt when you were a teenager," explained Sevigny after the show, fanning herself with a press release. "Even little tiny things - the cinder blocks, the color blue of the walls. Anything that would trigger the senses to that time when you're questioning everything."

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Nautical Botanical Flower

Totally off topic but I knew I saw her somewhere and then it dawned on me, she was in the movie KIDS. My parents did not know how to give me the sex talk(they are Asian) so they sat me down and had me watch the movie the day I got my period at the fine age of 12. I then had to tell the tell them why sex was awful and how I would never have sex.

Back to the fashion show, I thought it lacked creativity. The clothes on the runway were nice and all but it just lacked the extra kick. If we walked into Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie we could probably find identical clothing. That Charles dude is not as cool and creative as he thinks.