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The Obama administration has taken a step towards rescinding a Bush-era rule that strengthened job protections for doctors and nurses who refuse for moral reasons to perform abortions, citing the policy's ambiguous language. [MSNBC]


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So I have this *friend* who may or may not be having such a procedure like tomorrow, and this experience has really brought to light all the awful, awful things that anti-choice people do to people like *my friend*. *My friend* is kind of terrified for tomorrow, mostly because she lives in a blue state and doesn't want to be made to feel like shit walking in front of all those god damned nuts and their kids holding up plastic fetuses and whatnot.

Also, *my friend* has been really disappointed about the lack of community forum for her to discuss her worries in. Since abortion is so fucking politicized, there's no like "help me I need advice cause I'm scared" website or anything where *my friend* can reach out to other people.

Ok. *My friend* and I are getting off my soapbox now.