State Rep 'Fixes' Homelessness by Smashing Homeless People's Stuff

Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower is plum fed up with homeless people, all homelessing around on the streets not having homes, right out there where good homeful people can see them. It's like, UGH, why don't they just go ho—er, um, nm. Fortunately for everyone (oh, except for the victims of the social travesty he's supposedly so eager to repair), Rep. Brower has found a perfect "solution"! He's just going around smashing homeless people's stuff with a big hammer. In case you didn't hear me, DUDE IS LITERALLY WANDERING AROUND WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER VIOLENTLY DESTROYING HOMELESS PEOPLE'S FEW AND PRECIOUS MEAGER COMFORTS.


I'm going to give Rep. Brower the benefit of the doubt for a second and assume I'm just missing a crucial part of his one-point plan to end homelessness. Maybe someone can help me fill in the missing piece?

Step One: Steal and/or destroy homeless people's stuff with hammer.

Step Two: ?????????????????????

Step Three: They have homes now!!!!!

Nope. Still not getting it. But perhaps hearing it in Brower's own words will clear up how, exactly, systematically destroying the personal property of a marginalized group of people who are specifically marginalized by their lack of personal property is going to help fucking anything besides your sociopathic rage-boner. Tell me more, ThinkProgress!

Noting that he's "disgusted" with homeless people, Brower told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about his own personal brand of "justice": "If I see shopping carts that I can't identify, I will destroy them so they can't be pushed on the streets." Brower has waged this campaign for two weeks, estimating that he's smashed about 30 shopping carts in the process.

"I want to do something practical that will really clean up the streets," he explained to Hawaii News Now as he showed off his property destruction skills while sporting an Armani Exchange hat.

Uncontent to just destroy homeless people's items, Brower is also on a mission to wake those he finds sleeping and tell them to sleep somewhere else. "If someone is sleeping at night on the bus stop, I don't do anything, but if they are sleeping during the day, I'll walk up and say, 'Get your ass moving,'" he said.




I can't believe I'm typing these words in this particular article, but IT ACTUALLY GETS WORSE.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is garnering a reputation for a less-than-compassionate approach to its homeless population, and it's not just because of Brower. It's got the highest rate of homelessness in the country, but rather than build more shelters or offer more services for the poor, lawmakers approved $100,000 over the next two years to offer one-way flights off the islands to any of the state's estimated 17,000 homeless persons.


Can't even comment. I'm out. Sorry. Retiring from earth. I live in space now.



Just looked him up and was surprised and dismayed to learn that he is a Democrat.

Tom Brower, you are gross. Gross and stupid. Also? Stupid. You have everything wrong and completely backwards.