Speaking of the above controversy, the Internet really ran with that Melania divorce rumor this weekend, after she cancelled her trip to Davos and instead paid a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A sample headline:


Trump Hits Alps, but Melania Is Frosty in Florida

That was the New York Times, everyone.

The rumors were about as substantial as an Apple Jacks commercial (for example, she could have acknowledged the Holocaust unrelated to marital vengeance) but the fantasies ran all the way up to this Inquisitr headline:

Melania Trump Divorce Rumor: First Lady’s Public Rebelling Against Trump Will Lead His Presidency To ‘Unravel’

Sadly for Melania, it’s not happening, according to her press secretary.


Lorde has declined to perform at the Grammys, likely in protest. The only woman nominated for best album of the year, she was also the only person in that category who wasn’t offered a solo performance. Instead they threw her a part in a Tom Petty tribute “American Girl,” which is a weird idea. Her mom Sonja Yelich tweeted a line from the New York Times pointing out that of 866 people nominated for Grammys in the past six years, 9 percent were women.