The 60th annual ACE Eddie Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel hit on Valentine's day, which maybe explains why Gabourey Sidibe and friends were all in loved-up shades?

Regal, thy name is Sidibe.

Have I ever told you that I kind of love Mary Lynn Rajskub? And her shoes?

Kat Kramer was obviously like, wait, real stars don't wanna come to a minor gala on Valentine's Day? I'm available!


Can I bring a friend? She'll also wear really shiny satin!


James Cameron is like: you're my real Oscar, honey...and will look good next to the real real Oscar.

Michele Forbes: car scratch theatre.


Okay, I don't love the Soup, but a lot of friends whose taste I respect are major Joel McHale fans. And I can see that the man's got the self-deprecating dapper thing down.

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