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Stare into the Beautiful Abyss That Is This Massive American Girl Doll Collection

Are you ever just minding your own business on the Internet and come across a collection of American Girl Dolls so staggeringly beautiful that it takes your breath away? No? Well, today’s the day!


The above Instagram comes from the account of sew4dolls, who runs a Youtube channel documenting her wide-ranging American Girl Doll collection (which she’s been working on for 21 years). Every year she does a video cataloging her collection and the clip for 2018 just dropped. And let me tell you, it’s life-changing.

Spoiler alert: That’s 150 dolls. And if you’re wondering if they all have names the answer is they do. 


Now, American Girl Dolls come in a wide variety of sizes and prices, but the classic dolls (historical or Truly Me) run for $115 and they appear to make up the bulk of sew4dolls’ collection. So assuming there aren’t any rogue WellieWishers or off-brand American Girl Doll imposters hiding in this crowd, according to my calculations this doll army might cost around $17,250.

I hope you fall asleep at night thinking of that price tag and all these dolls staring at you from the foot of your bed!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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The answer to, “now where have I seen that before?”