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Star Riley Curry Makes Her Dad Feel Like a Winner Every Day

Illustration for article titled Star Riley Curry Makes Her Dad Feel Like a Winner Every Day

Steph Curry hits the court tonight with his Golden State Warriors team for the 2015 NBA Finals, and whether or not he beats LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s clear that Riley, star of babies, will make him feel like a champion.


Here’s the full transcription of the proud dad’s commentary on his press-friendly daughter:

“She’s always happy to see me when I get home and that kind of makes everything all right,” he says. “I rarely have a bad day regardless of what happens on the court. It just gives you something more than basketball to kind of play and live for. It’s pretty special. Obviously every father would say pretty much the same thing about what their daughter or son means to them and how they impact their life.”


You can mist up now, it’s cool, I won’t tell anyone.

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That was very sweet. I wish every parent felt that way about their child. The world would be a nicer place.

ETA: Love the family tradition of taking your kids to the court.