St Paul's School Sex Offender Owen Labrie Ordered to Begin Jail Sentence After Christmas

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Former New Hampshire prep school student, Owen Labrie, convicted on charges related to raping a girl on campus in 2014, will be required to report to jail on December 26.

Carole Alfano, a spokeswoman for the New Hampshire court system, told The Boston Globe over e-mail that on Tuesday that Superior Court Judge Larry M. Smukler declined Labrie’s bid to shorten his sentence. Labrie was ordered to report to the Merrimack County House of Corrections to serve the nine months remaining in his sentence.


Labrie, who was charged with raping a then 15-year-old classmate at St. Paul’s School when he was 18, was convicted in August 2015 of one count of misdemeanor sexual assault, one misdemeanor count of endangering a child, and one felony count of using a computer to lure a child. On the three charges of aggravated sexual assault, Labrie was acquitted. Two months later, Laurie was sentenced to one year in jail and had to register as a sex offender. According to the Associated Press, prosecutors said Labrie’s attack was part of a “game of sexual conquest” at St. Paul’s School called “Senior Salute.”

Labrie’s victim, Chessy Prout, now 20 years old, said in a statement that Smukler’s ruling is “important because it shows survivors that people are listening, even if it takes several years for a single case to be resolved.” She went on, “The only way we will ever truly change rape culture is by holding perpetrators and the institutions that are complicit in these crimes responsible. St. Paul’s School, and now Owen Labrie are finally being held accountable.”

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Shortly after his initial sentencing the little turd was caught on the MBTA in clear violation of the curfew which was part of his parole. A reporter recognized him, started chatting him up and he didn’t deny who he was or what he was doing but it was okay because he was visit his girlfriend or something. Clearly thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Enjoy prison.