Sriracha Has Made Its Overrated Sauce Available in Tiny, Convenient Packets

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Just like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, hot sauce and all the other cool condiments, Sriracha is now available in portable portions.


The makers of the official Sriracha everyone loves have squeezed this overrated sauce into tiny packets. The idea here is: you’re eating something—somewhere, anywhere—and you feel like it needs Sriracha.

If you often find yourself in that predicament, you can buy packets at Sriracha2Go (50 for $14.99). (Sidebar: a couple years ago, a $10,000 packet of Sriracha was offered up on eBay, but it wasn’t the real deal.)


I would suggest not getting them, though. Because Sriracha is not that great. Me, I like a good Caribbean hot sauce that’s actually spicy. But I guess you can do what you want.

Here are some important opinions about Sriracha from our chat room:

“i mean i don’t love it but people who love it should be excited” (that’s me)

“i dont like that stuff but as a ketchup addict i support easy access to condiments”

“it’s not the greatest hot sauce ever, but it’s better than ketchup and equally as versatile”

“i hate sriracha and i think it’s a terrible idea. also it literally masks whatever you’re eating”

“i like sriracha as a complement to ketchup”

“I eat a lot of sriracha but packets seem real bad for the environment”

And the most revealing:

“ive never had sriracha. i dont know why”

You won’t find these convenient packets in restaurants yet—which is the only reason they should come in packets—but maybe one day.

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Surprise! Hippopotamus

I....I LIKE sriracha. Why is there always a backlash against innocent tasty products that only want to make your taste buds happy and never asked for frenzied internet fame? (See also: bacon, avocados, both of which are also delicious AND taste good with sriracha.)