Squirrel Tries to Stash Its Nut Treasure in a Perplexed Dog

Theoretically, squirrels are cute and it'd be delightful to have a trained squirrel bustling around one's home, piling up nuts and candybars in a cool, dry little corner. Then again, squirrels seem like busybodies, don't they? They're always bustling and storing, finding new places to stuff what they think is treasure but what is actually just tree jizz. Nobody wants to live with something so task-oriented that it looks at a fluffy dog and only see a new hiding place for nuts.

via Buzzfeed

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Professional Widow

I am always SO JEALOUS of people who have animals of different species all mingling together. My dogs always hated cats, my cats always hated rodents, my ferrets killed my bird. How do people introduce these creatures to one another? How do they know it will be okay? My friend runs a rabbit and rat rescue and she is constantly sharing photos of her cats, bunnies rats and chinchilla snuggling together like a goddamn Garden of Eden. Meanwhile, my two cats barely like EACH OTHER. What am I doing wrong?