Remember Rachel Canning, that teenager who moved out of her parents house and then sued them for child’s support … for herself? Well, she got a college scholarship. Yay?

Canning announced on her Facebook page this week that she will be attending Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts with a hefty sum to help her out.

“Decision made,” Canning wrote on March 30. “WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ scholarship.”

Tuition at WNE is around $46,000 per year with room and board, reports the Post, so with $10,000 in excess funds, Canning won’t need to sue anyone else for support. Maybe all this living away from mom and dad taught her to budget.


Earlier this year, Canning and her parents were in court thanks to the teen's lawsuit requesting her parents keep paying for her private school bill, pay $650 in weekly child support and reimburse her legal fees. Her parents argued that she was just spoiled. Last month, she dropped the lawsuit and moved home.

Photo via AP.