Spin Class, Designed to Push You Over the Peak, Has Now Peaked, as Well

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Dismaying news out of New York City today suggests we may—don’t get too alarmed or you’ll loose your front row bike!—have reached the limits of our spin class carrying capacity. Now, I thought I told you no screaming!

Bloomberg reports:

Cyc Fitness, an indoor cycling outfit with four Manhattan locations and a loyal following, recently cut its single-class price to $22 from $28, according to a note from Jefferies LLC consumer analyst Randal Konik. While that’s good news for the city’s deal-seekers, Konik says it reflects the “burgeoning supply of spin concepts in major metropolitan markets” as consumers seek variety in their workouts. For context, SoulCycle has 18 Manhattan studios plus three in Brooklyn, and Flywheel has nine locations in the city and one in Brooklyn.


Take solace, my soulful Soul Cyclers—I’m sure there’s an endless line of baroque boutique fitness experiences just waiting to take spin class’s place. Curling, perhaps, but with incense and shavasana at the end. Or maybe jai alai set to dub step. If those don’t work, you can always keep peddling and keep the trend alive.

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Cherith Cutestory

The woman in the office across from me just discovered spin two months ago. And now twice a week just comes back from spin lunch and spends an hour telling me all the “hilarious” things her instructor says. She spent two days picking out cycling shoes and showing me each option. (We aren’t in the same department so how this impacts work is none of my business.)

She’d be devastated that it’s on the decline.

I’m betting an indoor cross country skiing immersive experience will replace it. Nordic countries are so hot right now. Literally and figuratively.